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Spring has Sprung...2015

Posted on March 11, 2015 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (320)
Make Us Your Paving Contractor in the NIAGARA REGION & HALDIMAND COUNTY!

Spring has finally sprung in the Niagara Region, and that means it’s time to take care of any asphalt paving problems winter left behind. But don’t let a case of spring fever cause you to overspend. For a great deal on asphalt paving services, check out our reasonable rates at REGIONAL PAVING. Available for residential or commercial jobs, our asphalt paving company delivers quality and service at budget-friendly prices. Call us today for a free, upfront written estimate!

When you choose us for your asphalt contractors, at REGIONAL PAVING you’ll be starting the season off right. Not only do we work hard to keep our costs low, but we also strive for a quick turnaround and quality workmanship on every asphalt paving project. Get a nice price to go along with the nice weather: Contact us now in the NIAGARA REGION & HALDIMAND area for your business or residential asphalt paving.

Need flexible appointment times? That’s never a problem at REGIONAL PAVING. Our asphalt paving contractors are here 24/7 to help. Reach us right now at (289)228-7762. 
March 10, 2015


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Hire the RIGHT Paving Company
The following information will help you choose the best paving contractor for your project:
  1. You should get at least 3 quotes.
  2. Check TESTIMONIALS or REFERENCESto be sure you're dealing with a reputable company.
  3. Get the price, and exactly what work the contractor is going to perform, IN WRITING.
  4. Be aware that a 8"to 10” well compacted aggregate or equivalent is necessary for a well constructed, long lasting, driveway.
  5. While the THICKNESS of the asphalt is important, it is not as important as a solid base. A compacted thickness of 2 to 2 ½” is the standard for residential vehicle traffic.
  6. rolling the asphalt Don't be mislead by the size of the roller to be used. Weight is important,but the timing of t as the material cools is more important for a well-paved driveway. Our rollers range from a small 1-ton to commercial vibratory drum types.
  7. You should have your driveway constructed the way YOU want, not the way that is easiest for the contractor. Ask the Estimator for their advice, and expertise, but, in the end, it’s YOUR decision.
  8. Don't hesitate to ask the Estimator about other projects they have completed in your area and drive by and take a look.(Pictorials)
  9. Be aware of the price quoted. If one price is considerably lower than the rest, they may be cutting corners that could end up costing you a lot more in the long run.
  10. Make sure you understand what's contained in each quote. There may be differences in materials or equipment that affects the quoted price.
  11. Don't hesitate to ASK QUESTIONS. The Estimator should be willing to help you understand what's involved in the process. He should be on the Job to Project Coordinate work order.
  12. REGIONAL PAVINGoffers Free Accurate Estimates and a written warranty on our work.

Call, The Asphalt Specialist....Giovanni

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Fast, Free, Friendly, Accurate Estimate...& Consultation.
By Giovanni.... Estimator/Project Coordinator
Call Direct 289 228 7762


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Is it Too Cold to Pave?

Over the years, I've inspected many asphalt surfaces that were paved when the weather wasn't ideal. Paving in colder temperatures introduces challenges to the Paving Contractor that are not present in warmer weather. The main challenge is getting the asphalt to the job and laying and compacting it before it cools down. It takes an organized crew with the proper equipment to deliver a quality job at the end of the season. In the Midwest, asphalt plants are usually open until early December. Prepared companies can usually attain good results all the way up to the end of the season. However, companies that are not set up to work fast will run into problems. Having the proper amount of people on the crew and the right equipment insures that the asphalt will be laid and compacted in a timely manner. 

If you are only repairing sections of asphalt, Infrared Repairs are a nice option. If executed properly, Infrared Repairs can be done in cold weather as long as hot asphalt is available. Infrared crews typically haul the asphalt to the job in a hotbox, which keeps it at the right temperature. In colder weather it takes a little longer to heat the repair area; but if the crew waits the proper time to heat through the whole lift, great results will follow. Adding hot asphalt into hot asphalt takes the temperature variable out of the equation. 

If you hire a reputable company, they will tell you when it's too late to do asphalt work. If you trust the company and they will guarantee the work, go ahead and have it done all the way up to the end of the season. 


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Build a Concrete Driveway the Right Way
You know you need a new driveway. That's the easy part. But you're torn between using asphalt or concrete. Concrete looks great but does it last 25 or 30 years as promised? The short answer is, yes--a concrete driveway can last you at least 30 years. But only if it's installed, finished and cured properly. Here's how.
Concrete is a fickle material and prone to cracking. Although it can be compressed or squeezed without cracking under the pressure, it doesn't take stretching or bending very well at all. The goal is to minimize the potential for cracking by pouring it over a stable, hard surface, and by constructing it properly with expansion joints and reinforcing steel.
REGIONAL PAVING & CONCRETE properly grades and compacts the soil before setting the forms or pouring the concrete. This is absolutely critical to avoid the stretching or crumbling effect. For example, what do you think will happen if your driveway is poured over soft, unstable soil? Without a solid foundation, whole sections of the driveway will crack under the weight of your car.
Second, REGIONAL PAVING & CONCRETE installs control joints. we discuss this before your project begins. In addition to stretching, the other thing concrete doesn't do well is shrink when it dries. The larger the section, the more it will shrink as it hardens-about 1/16 of an inch per ten feet. To control cracking caused by the inevitable shrinking, we will use control joints that actually encourage the concrete to crack at the control joint. It's done by cutting exact, neatly tooled lines in the concrete slab, at minimum intervals of fifteen feet or less. These joints should be deep enough to absorb the stress, preferably at least one-quarter the depth of the slab. Corners are weak points that must be protected from cracking. If your driveway will have corners, the control joint should radiate outward from the corner into the slab.
REGIONAL PAVING & CONCRETE installs steel reinforcement to provide extra strength and evenness. Without it, there's nothing to hold cracked slabs together or keep the cracks from getting bigger. Steel also helps the slabs to stay level with each other. It should be installed no deeper than two inches from the concrete surface.
Finally, it's well worth the extra cost to request thicker concrete, a minimum of five and one half 5-1/2 inches is ideal. Although other contractors might say that four inches is adequate, why not buy yourself an extra inch and a half 1-1/2 of strength? The slightly higher cost in material is not going to inflate the total installation cost that much.
Sealant may or may not be necessary, depending on the quantity of concrete poured, its design strength, and if it was already "moist-cured" with a curing compound. Weak concrete should be sealed.

Proper Preperation of Asphalt Driveway

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Repairing Maintaining Asphalt Driveways

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